Sabtu, 12 Juli 2008

Journal of this year

Well...this holiday would be kinda fun and very interesting to me. Because of what??do you know?
This year I have already passed the TPB year and I got part-time job. I feel a lot of things at this year give me more and more life experience. I wanna thanks to all my friends especially Chemical Engineering friends.
I think my life is a miracle , God give me chance to do all of this.
God will make a way to us everyday.. I am thankful that God always be beside me
He works in ways that I cannot see, He will make a way for me
I believe that He will open up my mind everytime.
This year also a miracle..., many experience have made me become a more mature person in my life.
Despite now I live in Bandung , far from my family. God still give me power to pass through all my complication.
Around my head there are thousands of questions everday , why I must do this ?, why I must face this problem , why I must see every people now I often see.
Now I know...we must face this world...We must keep open our inspiration.
My imagination about myself , I like to become a person that brings a fresh inspiration to every people in this world.
Workshop Himatek have given me a lot lesson that make me become more responsible to do my job.Many excited enery and activity in front of me right now. So... I took a hand in this chance. Just one chance in my life I would learn everything around me. About environmental , crisis energy , global warming , everthing about chemical engineering, organization &committee , and also about astronomy..
Thx also for this year...
A new friendship with my friends make me fun and enjoy this life..

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