Minggu, 27 Juli 2008

Do You Know Leadership??

Do you know about leadership??
My friends from Chemical Engineering student ITB said that leadership is someone who can be trusted by everybody, and he/she can unite/fuse a group of people into a complete and solid team to achive their vision and dream together.
Also I got information from my friend at UPH Jakarta , he said that the best leader is the best servant among others..So what is your opinion bout leadership?
Is it important??
A lot of success people say that this is the key to achive their dream.

In my opinion bout leadership...
I think it is very important to us
A good leader is the man/woman who can encouraged their friends to become a solid team, who can give inspiration and motivation to his/her team, to make them see their imagination and vision.

If you have those strengthen , maybe you can be a good leader to your team. I think leader must know that it's not important who will become "he's the man" or not. But he/she must see that "their team must be the man". This is the teamwork problem , not just only for one person who's the best / who's the clever. Change your mind , and start to think that teamwork ability will be a important skill to us in the future.
Every people wanna to have a good softskill and good leadership. Trust me that every seconds that we passed away , a million of people are upgrading their skill to become better and better. So If we wanna become a success people we must see the future and start improve our leadership. From the organisation we can learn a lot of experience bout leadership.

Good Luck Friends

-Sorry if my english was bad and my grammar was wrong-
Now I wanna sleeping , very exhausted after I and my friends sold rose at the cafe this night.
Thank You

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