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Catatan Tim YLIAC - Feb 2012

Hi YLI Fellas!

We as YLI AC project team very excited to share to you the updates of our social project in RW.06 Kampung Rawa, Johar Baru. To refresh your memory, in previous bulletin, we have updated you with our activity on helping mothers in Kelurahan Kampung Rawa, Johar Baru to achieve extra income by giving them training to make accessory handicraft. This activity has gain some positive feedback from the mothers of Kampung Rawa, as it helps mothers to improve their mothly income by selling the accessory.However, we as YLI AC Project team always review our work, as well as what impact it gives to the community.

In order to do that, we decide to conduct a focus group discussion with the mothers of Kampung Rawa at January, 15th 2012 to get more feedback, measure impacts and identifying the main problem to solve. From the discussion, we recognize that the problem of Kampung Rawa is actualy is like an infinite loop: Low education level (most of them only elementary school graduates), cause the difficulties for them to get an adequate job, which leads to high unemployment rate. The high unemployment rate, in turns, will cause many other problem, such as low income, health problem, housing and sanitation problem, and finally it cause them unable to afford higher education for their childern.

We decided to go deep down to the root of this problem and find out what we can do to cut the loop and make a better life for the people in Kampung Rawa.

What we have done

To better understand the main problem, we conducted a sharing and discussion session with Mas Agus at January, 20th. From the discussion, we found out that the unemployment problem is occurs on the productive ages of youth in Kampung Rawa. We also got the information that due to low education level, they found difficulties to find a sufficent job, and some of them only do a temporary job like being mason, builder, or ojek driver.

From this information, our team discuss our findings deeper and decided to focus on reducing the unemployment rate of youth in Kampung Rawa. We believe by giving them suitable job, it will support their economy, and in turns will cut the problem loop in Kampung Rawa. To get more knowledge regarding the suitable job,on the third week of February, we conducted a survey to the youth of Kampung Rawa, to find out their ablility, characters, experience, and their expectation of the job they want.

Besides understanding the demands, we also trying to get the supply of both training and job opportunities. We already establish a good relationship with Bapak Wagiyanto, who in charge of BLK (Balai Latihan Kerja) and BKK (Bursa Kerja Khusus) of Central Jakarta. We have a discussion related to the activities of BLK and BKK, as well as problems faced by the association, and expected assistance from YLI AC. From the discussion, we identify the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), as well as the main problem faced by the association. From this information, we refine our plan and proposed solution to the youth of Kampung Rawa.

Combining our knowledge of the problem in Kampung Rawa with the information we got from BLK and BKK, we define our new activities into three focus:

1. Leverage the BLK and BKK as the job enabler for youth in Kampung Rawa. We plan to do it by Increase human resources by mainly offfering YLI alumnis’ expertise (especially in project team) to strategize BKK’s vision and mission (2) help BKK in actions plans such as reviewing, redesigning (if needed) and updating information.

2. Increase soft skills in BLK participants especially for the youth of Kampung Rawa. Currently, we were thinking to give them soft skills in:

· Manner : Possible ways include (a) Appearance and manner class (b) counseling one-on-one (c) Provide guidebooks & manuals

· Motivational: Possible ways include (a) Conducting motivation training (b) counseling one-on-one with YLI alumnis

· Administrative: (a) Conducting administrative classes (b) provide guidebooks & manuals (c) create one-time workshops

3. As we found that BLK and BKK’s job information system is not adequate enough to reach the alumnis and future employers, we were also thinking whether we can do something to increase the reach of information, so it can be accessed easily by those who need

We are so excited with our new activities, as we believe, if we can solve the unemployment in Kampung Rawa, the model can be scaled to greater area, and in turns it will solve unemployment problems in Jakarta, or even Indonesia as a whole.

What we will do next?

To accomplish our goal on the project, our next plans are:

- Organize a more comprehensive survey, to get the data from all RT in RW 06 Kampung Rawa. As we know, there’s 10 RTs in Kampung rawa, so we planned to do two times survey, each covering 5 RT, and prioritizing on RT with higher unemplyment rate.

- We will conduct further discussion with BLK and BKK, to find out what exactly we can do to leverage the organization as the job enabler for people in Jakarta, and finding a secondary information to support our understanding the actual condition of the association.

- We will also ensure sustainability our former activities –handicraft making training– will be contionued, even if we discontinue the support. We will ensure the training has completed and the mothers are gaining more skills as well as understanding the business model, so they can continue getting extra income from the handicraft. Our team will help to sell all the products that already made, and all the profits will be given back buy more materials and continue the activity.

We hope you’re also feel the excitement that we feel on this project. So if you have ideas, recommendation, or time to spend to help us in site visit in Kampung Rawa, please do not hesitate to let us know!

We are one step closer to UNLEASH INDONESIA! :)

Writer: Akhmad Rahadian Hutomo

Catatan Tim YLIAC - Dec 2011

HELLO! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! J May He bless all of our plans in the upcoming year, 2012. May this year become LEGENDARY! :D


Community development is about building peoples and its surroundings, but most importantly, a constant effort to establish communication with people. Johar Baru -RW 06, an urban enclave located at the heart of Jakarta perishes in the typical poor urban pocket of the capital. Here, in RW 06, The YLI Alumni Project team for Community Development in Johar Baru is delighted to reach out our hands and mold a change for the people, especially the mothers.

During the project planning, we figured that dealing with people comes best (and challenging) when we always on the run to adjust for changes. Since we are still at the stage of the project set-up, the initial plan to set-up a tofu nugget-soya milk small household enterprises should be altered into something – that we have overseen- as more suitable with the needs and the condition of the people. Having considered the interests, needs, prospect of the Mothers, we came up with the idea of trying out handycrafts training for the Mothers.

Beads-based handycraft was chosen because the Mothers have the existing interest to learn more about it and have developed a small group to develop the skills. We came to facilitate them with training, for product quality development. On November 13, we invited Mrs. Ida, who has been experienced with training and community development for poor urban areas.

The training itself comprised of the basic skills of arranging the beads into a ready-to-wear items such as bracelets, necklaces, keychain. We saw a huge excitement comes from the Mothers during the training and... VOILA! They did it quite well (according to Mrs. Ida), and she also told us that they had enough basic skills to make this business come true. From the first training, each of the The Mothers got a kind of investments, such as 2 kinds of pliers and some of raw materials (beads and strings).

Well, back to topic. After the first training, we sent additional raw materials for them so they can make more handycrafts in order to train themselves. According to Mrs. Ida who already saw the products and know how the Mothers made it, she said that they still don’t know how to make things gently so the coating on the beads are damaged. Second, basically the raw materials we bought are the one that Mrs. Ida provided for us and she admitted that the quality is not the best. From our assessment, the Mothers of Johar Baru still need to improve the quality and the look of the products, therefore a constant learning process is recommended. Here are some of the products they have made:

Seeing these conditions, we managed to redo some of the products they’ve made so we can get the raw materials again and process it to better products in the future. This action is taken because we want to set a high standard for the product in order to make us easily accepted in the market and successful in the future.

Last but not least, we are thinking of selling this products with a brand. This brand will come to market with “accessories for working chic” as its main positioning and “helping others in Johar Baru by buying this products” as its secondary positioning. We will make these two as our positioning in the market. Moreover, we are thinking of naming it as Bella Donna. It is Italian, means beautiful women. Do you guys have any better idea regarding our brand’s name? J FYI, since we want to make accessories, we will exclude key chain from our list of products.


We will be just their investor and fasilitator in the beginning. After they gain profit from this business, they will pay us back every month (profit sharing). It will be done this way, IF and only if we don’t get any sponsor for this project. But if we get one, basically they will pay for all of our financial needs or else, we will inform you later on. And in order to reach this goal, we need to transfer our knowledge so that they can be independent in the near future.


To achieve the main target which are making good quality and standardized products, each of our divisions come up with their main target as well:

  • PRODUCTION: Standardized the products, giving and sharing knowledge about technical stuffs in making jewellery made of beads and also about fashion trends (color, shape, designs), and making production plan (collaborating with Marketing Team)
  • MARKETING: Done with market research in immediate period regarding target consumer’s taste and behavior in buying accessories, making a GREAT marketing team (still needs 1 or 2 more personels, anyone? J), establishing a marketing plan for a year (STP, 4P, and market penetration strategy), and demand and sales target management (collaborating with Production Team).
  • FINANCE: Earning sponsorship proposal (for our funding) and of course finding the right partner for this social project!

Last but not least, I just want to say that this team is only a representative and we are nothing without all of your inputs, comments, and of course your support!

Writer: Stephanie Octavia

Catatan Tim YLIAC - Oct 2011

Hi Guys, how you guys doing? Hope you guys are in a great condition J As we all know that we, Young Leaders for Indonesia, are chosen to carry out a very big responsibility, which is Unleash our beloved country, Indonesia. There are many ways for us to do so, and we can see that many of us still do it in behalf of Indonesia. So, what can a Young Leaders for Indonesia Alumni Community can do? It is not small, but it is not big either. Through this bulletin, we want to tell all of you what we, as a whole (read: YLIAC) have been doing for the last 2 months for our Indonesia J


We are planning on doing a community development in Johar Baru, Jakarta. This place was chosen because Johar Baru is one of the poorest place in Jakarta (we can see it from the pictures below). Sixty percent of the people in Johar Baru are unemployed and they don’t have enough house to accomodate themselves.

Those reasons are the basis of this little community development project. To make this project come true, we are led by our Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Angkasa (YLI Wave 3) and divide our team into 4 teams such as:

· Operational Team (Ivan Hadinata and friends),

· Human Resource Team (Rainintha Siahaan and friends),

· Financial Team (Isabella and friends),

· Marketing Team (Stephanie Octavia and friends).

With this little team and of course all of your inputs and prayers, we hope we can make our community development project come true! :D


So far, what our team has done is not much actually. We have been doing a market research and hope that it will be done in this week before our first team bonding (yey!). In our first team bonding day, we’re visiting Johar Baru to talk about this project to Ketua RW there and ask if they are interested with our project.

Before we go too deep, just for you know, we have two different types of products which are soya milk and tofu nugget. The reasons why we choose soya milk is because the process is simple, the profit rate is quite high, market size is quite high, and the investment cost is low. On the other hand we choose tofu nugget is because the profit rate & market size is quite high, we have the expertise (Hendra), we will solve 2 problems simultaneously (tofu waste at RW 04 and economy at RW06). So, what are we doing in this market research? Basically, marketing team will be the one who do the market research and will give the report later on to Operational Team. We divide our research into 2 phases:

1. B2B market research: canteen and warung

2. B2C market research: nearest potential consumen (friends and family)

Things that we expect to get from this market research are their opinion about the taste and shape of our current product, the price that they want to spend for our current product, and other random comments that we can gain regarding to this product. So far, we have done the first phase and hoping to get the second phase done by this week.

From what we get from the first phase is that:


· One of a canteen owner don’t need a very good taste, but they need cheap and big size products (and, oh well, of course, TEMPTING! :D).

· One of a warung owner thought that it was oncom (yes, sir the material is just the same with oncom but it is NOT! L à I guess we really need to develop the shape of our product ASAP)


· The taste is gooodddddd!!! :D

This simple-first-part-of-conclusion has been delivered to Operational Team and they’re supposed to do the product development by now. We will keep you guys updated about what the market wants from our product ;)

The decision of what product we want to sell is still be an issue in the team, we still have to make many analysis so that we can make the best decision at the end (whether it is easy to make, no need of too much initial investment, the demand is high, and the most important thing is whether people in Johar Baru want to make the product!). In addition, there’s an idea about whether we want to make a dry product, such as keripik since it is much easier to sell (last longer). Any input guys? ;)


The plan is we do the market research until this weekend and visit Johar Baru to explore the place more plus do an offering to them about this project.

Our team is expecting to finish our product development 2 weeks from now and then we are going to do our one last phase of market research (B2B dan B2C). Oh, and actually we have to discuss about our marketing strategies such as 4P (products, price, placement, and promotional) and STP (Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning) of the products in market and our future branding activities. We will conduct some research for few products in market, let’s say Maicih, about why and how they can be so successful and well known.

After the last phase of our market research, we can predict the demand of the market. After that we will discuss it later on with Operational Team so we can make the “supply and demand” of our product, then will be processed into budgeting plan (initial investment and initial operational budgeting). This budgeting plan, hopefully, will be given to Financial Team at the end of first week of November (Godspeed, guys! GODspeed!).


As I have mentioned before, we are led by Jessica (W3) and we divide our team into 4:

1. Operational Team: Ivan (W2), Igna (W3), Adit (W3), Bella (W2), Hendra (W3), and Ian (W3)

2. Marketing Team: Stephanie (W3), Naimah (W3), Endi (W3), and Hanif (W3)

3. Human Resource Team: Rain (W3), Dacil (W2), and Novia (W1)

4. Financial Team: Ibel (W3), Adi (W2), Amel (W2), and Laila (W3)

This team is only a representative and we are nothing without all of your inputs, comments, and of course your support! J


Writer: Stephanie Octavia