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Catatan Tim YLIAC - Feb 2012

Hi YLI Fellas!

We as YLI AC project team very excited to share to you the updates of our social project in RW.06 Kampung Rawa, Johar Baru. To refresh your memory, in previous bulletin, we have updated you with our activity on helping mothers in Kelurahan Kampung Rawa, Johar Baru to achieve extra income by giving them training to make accessory handicraft. This activity has gain some positive feedback from the mothers of Kampung Rawa, as it helps mothers to improve their mothly income by selling the accessory.However, we as YLI AC Project team always review our work, as well as what impact it gives to the community.

In order to do that, we decide to conduct a focus group discussion with the mothers of Kampung Rawa at January, 15th 2012 to get more feedback, measure impacts and identifying the main problem to solve. From the discussion, we recognize that the problem of Kampung Rawa is actualy is like an infinite loop: Low education level (most of them only elementary school graduates), cause the difficulties for them to get an adequate job, which leads to high unemployment rate. The high unemployment rate, in turns, will cause many other problem, such as low income, health problem, housing and sanitation problem, and finally it cause them unable to afford higher education for their childern.

We decided to go deep down to the root of this problem and find out what we can do to cut the loop and make a better life for the people in Kampung Rawa.

What we have done

To better understand the main problem, we conducted a sharing and discussion session with Mas Agus at January, 20th. From the discussion, we found out that the unemployment problem is occurs on the productive ages of youth in Kampung Rawa. We also got the information that due to low education level, they found difficulties to find a sufficent job, and some of them only do a temporary job like being mason, builder, or ojek driver.

From this information, our team discuss our findings deeper and decided to focus on reducing the unemployment rate of youth in Kampung Rawa. We believe by giving them suitable job, it will support their economy, and in turns will cut the problem loop in Kampung Rawa. To get more knowledge regarding the suitable job,on the third week of February, we conducted a survey to the youth of Kampung Rawa, to find out their ablility, characters, experience, and their expectation of the job they want.

Besides understanding the demands, we also trying to get the supply of both training and job opportunities. We already establish a good relationship with Bapak Wagiyanto, who in charge of BLK (Balai Latihan Kerja) and BKK (Bursa Kerja Khusus) of Central Jakarta. We have a discussion related to the activities of BLK and BKK, as well as problems faced by the association, and expected assistance from YLI AC. From the discussion, we identify the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), as well as the main problem faced by the association. From this information, we refine our plan and proposed solution to the youth of Kampung Rawa.

Combining our knowledge of the problem in Kampung Rawa with the information we got from BLK and BKK, we define our new activities into three focus:

1. Leverage the BLK and BKK as the job enabler for youth in Kampung Rawa. We plan to do it by Increase human resources by mainly offfering YLI alumnis’ expertise (especially in project team) to strategize BKK’s vision and mission (2) help BKK in actions plans such as reviewing, redesigning (if needed) and updating information.

2. Increase soft skills in BLK participants especially for the youth of Kampung Rawa. Currently, we were thinking to give them soft skills in:

· Manner : Possible ways include (a) Appearance and manner class (b) counseling one-on-one (c) Provide guidebooks & manuals

· Motivational: Possible ways include (a) Conducting motivation training (b) counseling one-on-one with YLI alumnis

· Administrative: (a) Conducting administrative classes (b) provide guidebooks & manuals (c) create one-time workshops

3. As we found that BLK and BKK’s job information system is not adequate enough to reach the alumnis and future employers, we were also thinking whether we can do something to increase the reach of information, so it can be accessed easily by those who need

We are so excited with our new activities, as we believe, if we can solve the unemployment in Kampung Rawa, the model can be scaled to greater area, and in turns it will solve unemployment problems in Jakarta, or even Indonesia as a whole.

What we will do next?

To accomplish our goal on the project, our next plans are:

- Organize a more comprehensive survey, to get the data from all RT in RW 06 Kampung Rawa. As we know, there’s 10 RTs in Kampung rawa, so we planned to do two times survey, each covering 5 RT, and prioritizing on RT with higher unemplyment rate.

- We will conduct further discussion with BLK and BKK, to find out what exactly we can do to leverage the organization as the job enabler for people in Jakarta, and finding a secondary information to support our understanding the actual condition of the association.

- We will also ensure sustainability our former activities –handicraft making training– will be contionued, even if we discontinue the support. We will ensure the training has completed and the mothers are gaining more skills as well as understanding the business model, so they can continue getting extra income from the handicraft. Our team will help to sell all the products that already made, and all the profits will be given back buy more materials and continue the activity.

We hope you’re also feel the excitement that we feel on this project. So if you have ideas, recommendation, or time to spend to help us in site visit in Kampung Rawa, please do not hesitate to let us know!

We are one step closer to UNLEASH INDONESIA! :)

Writer: Akhmad Rahadian Hutomo

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