Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008

Miss Someone

Dunno what 2 do..right now..I miss someone...I miss my friends.and my family..
My jobs now have made me too busy to give a little bit time to them. What can I do? just pretend my commitment.
I just wanna be a professional person...I wanna hold my responsibility. So I cannot turn back again.
I must face all of this and motivate myself to keep the spirit doing my job until finish.
I feel some of friends become farther than before. Maybe this is a challenge to my life , life isn't a simple thing. My life and every life in this world are complicated..
I just hope my friends encouraged me in my job and my activity..
huah....Exhauted too.. In my semester holiday, maybe I often sleep 2 o'clock in the morning. So exhausted , my stamina was decrease every day and night. In the night I do my job in astronomy , and then in the moring until evening I also have some activity in my major chemical engineer.

Hm..you can imagine yourself.. In this week I seldom in my room to sleep and rest. I must to do my activity outside there..
and there were a lot of privacy complication too....So exhausted...
"Don't griped Ivan...just do your best, God definitely know your power limit" I often think that...
I just wish I do my job well and get the interesting experience from that...

I often miss someone, dunno what to do right now..Just try to forget bout it... I like drink coffee to reduce my stress..huahh......try your best..


2 komentar:

  1. duh,plampiasannya minum kopi ya...hati2 loh ntar kecanduan kaffein D:

    n btw,gw jg pernah di dalam keadaan lu gtu pas awal2 gw di Jerman...rasanya sendirian gtu ga ada temen...tp ya,gw aja bisa survive,knp lu nga?! apalagi lu masi di Indo,sdgkan gw aja yg di jerman bisa! knp lu nga bisa survive klo gtu?XD
    plus...kan lu ada ko2 lu di deket lu...so minimal ada kluarga lha..(meski gw ga tau lu sedeket apa sama ko2 lu D:)

    well...tetep smangat d van ^^

  2. Iyah gw biasa kopiiiii..haha
    bisa tenang..gw bs survive...