Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Poet From My Best Friend

Sirius White

I wanna run, I wanna fly

When I see you in the sky, I wanna reach you, I wanna get u

But all I can do, is just staring at you

In night starlight, I jealous of your bright

Your bitter bright enchanted me

I am pretending see no gap

But you are so far, so unreachable

Every meteoroid must be want to get closer to you

They said you’re the perfect thing to be

Nevertheless, in that Arabian night, you’re still alone

Trapped in your own thought

Love is like magic

It can spell you to be crazy

Or it can cast you to be hurt

But you shouldn’t afraid, love is beautiful indeed

Oh if you would and you could

Through the people you have known, brighten their northern skies

Forget all the hurts, leave all the worries

Just thing about the hard work

It’s all about you

Just believe and promise me

You have to be confident and don’t sweat on little things

You’ll be the brightest star in the sky, I do believe you can

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