Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008

Alone But Not Lonely

27 December 2008.

Yupi, a lot of people still celebrate Christmas day right?. But yesterday I like dunno what to do. hehe. Just feel bored at my home. So, I think I wanna make some new activity, I planned to go to bookstore after I had watched DVD “Journey to the Center of the Earth

This science fiction movie was quite great. In this film, there is a science professor whose radical theories have completely tarnished his reputation. He and his nephew Sean while across Iceland find a cave that leads them deep down into the bowels of the planet. There they discover a new landscape filled with terrifying creatures. It’s amazing journey. Yeah, it’s a science fiction. Not right, but the movie is based with science. Quite fun. Great adventures !!!

After that, finally I went to Gramedia myself. Still looking for the same category books which I really really like : Modern Psycology, Leadership, Motivation, Self Improvement, and Hobbies. One of the best books I really wanna buy is “ Kick Andy”. Many people really like the talk show in Metro TV and so do I. Ok, I finished my searching in bookstore and I went to Gajah Mada. Just looking for icecream for me.hehe..

Oh my, all of these were done by only myself..hehe…Funny and really really rare moment for me. Just wanna try some new brand new activity.. Lol… I really grateful and thankful for this year 2008. I’ve got many experiences, great moments with many people. Hehe…Lol…Great adventure of my life achievement this year. Lol..

Wanna to have a great new year 2009. Still wondering what are my new year resolution for year 2009......And what I wanna plan next year....still mistery...Lol

5 days left… 2009......

Still wanna say Merry Xmas to all of you my friends......

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