Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

Digest It !

I have just read a lot articles from reader's digest October 2008
There are some topics which makes me excited to read this information
Maybe makes me curious

1. Are polars bears feeling the heat?
The sea ice had started melting and polar bears may notice nsuch changes even before we do since they can no longer hunt seals once the ice breaks up.

2. Tips for making garlicky dish
Next time if you wanna make a garlicky dish such as spaghetti sauce , add garlic near the end of cooking abd crush it for more taste and benefit. Remember this : Raw Garlic is better , because it may prevent blood clots and keep blood pressure down..

3. Spot Strokes Fast
The stroke association uses teh FAST test to diagnose whether some1 is having a stroke or TIA
(these are some symptoms)
-Facial weakness
-Arm weakness
-Speech problems

4.Expressing your anger is better
People who freely expressed their emotions will live longer than people suppressed their anger. So express it. But you can express with good attitude.

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