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Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) Kampus (3rd Wave)

Dear all,

This posting is dedicated for you as potential candidates for Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) Kampus Program (3rd Wave)

YLI Kampus Program is a comprehensive program for potential students to inspire them with a vision for how they can make a difference to Indonesia by 2020.

If you expect to get leadership training and networking, but sorry : YLI give you more ! YLI give
s you many things to develop you as a great leader for Indonesia, such as project, coaching, expanding your network, creating your aspiration and vision, developing your team work, and learning “face to face” from great leaders in Indonesia.

YLI wave 2 alumni have meet many great leaders, such as : President Director Holcim Indonesia (Pak Eamon Ginley), President Director McKinsey Jakarta Office (Pak Benjamin Soemartopo), Bapak Anies Baswedan, Butet Manurung, Pak Gita Wirjawan, Pak Teddy Rachmat, Pak Ahmad Faisal, Pak Ananda Siregar, Pak Firmanzah, Pak Sandiaga Uno, Pak Dr. Dino Patti Djalal (Indonesian Ambassador to the United States), and meet the representative of many top companies, such as TransTV, Blitz Megaplex, Holcim Indonesia, LG, Bank Danamon, Ernst& Young, P&G, Pertamina, Astra Internasional, Telkomsel, and many great leaders & top companies in Indonesia again.

If you don’t know them yet, just search on Google and find to know them closer! They produce inspirations trough their stories, wisdoms, experiences, and life chosen. They prepare you as a young leader to face Indonesia 10 until 20 years again with capability and great networking. YLI
helps us to create our inspiration, vision, and passion to unleash Indonesia become a great country in the future.

YLI Kampus Program provides leadership training and execution, inspirations from Indonesia Young Leaders and high performing students across Indonesia, coaching from
prominent leaders, materials needed, broaden network consist of education, business, and government, communities, even excellent services.

Besides, YLI Kampus Program provides you somekind of project to develop your aspiration, vision, and your capability.

"Last project that my team did was improving the current warehouse performance of a leading company in cement industry by helping to develop its warehouse management tools" . My focus in Climate Change issue also gave me a chance to bring my project in Eco Chemical Engineering.

We believe there are more stories we can share to you guys
This information is dedicated for you as potential candidates for Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) Kampus Program

We need young leaders in Indonesia again, and maybe it’s YOU !

Yes, we want YOU to have the same experiences like us!! I believe you have these 3 criterias : excellent academic score (GPA > 3.3), demonstrated leadership, and passionate to bring Indonesia for better change.

YLI Kampus is a professional development program for high performing university students. The application for YLI Kampus 2011 is open from now until November 7, 2010. To apply for the program, you will need to submit 2 documents: 1 page CV and an essay of your leadership experience (max. 500 words), both are in English.

If you want to know more about the program, please send email to with subject "Request for YLI Kampus Socialization Pack".

PS : More info about the program and the socialization pack can be downloaded in the following link :D

For detail information, please drop mail to :

Ivan Hadinata Rimbualam (

Best wishes,


YLI Alumni

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  1. Hi, my name is Maria and i would like to join YLI kampus program.

    And i have download the CV and i'm confusing about the GMAT and GRE score.

    please if you not mind-explain about how do we fill that score???

    thank You

  2. Hi, nice to know you

    You can contact me privately to


  3. Ivan!
    ini valentina, anak DTK UI..haha sekarang aku jadi participant YLI wave 3..wah ternyata kamu alumni YLI, hmm nanti aku tanya2 dan sharing yaa kalo ada yang ga aku pahami,,,heheh

    wahhh ga nyangka ketemu blog mu ini..padahal aku cuma iseng2 aja googling dengan keywords YLI dan McKinsey :)

  4. Ternyata ada komentarnya si Valent ya walau sudah lama sekali :) lol. Thanks.