Selasa, 21 September 2010

The Best Age To Marry

Marriage is an important issue that every person will face it in their life, whether he/she want to marry at his/her younger age or older age. Every person choose their priority for these options. So, what age will be the best age to marry? How about your opinion? We can consider the best age to marry from many aspects. We will discuss in here about what aspect do we have to consider to know what age will be the best age to marry with our couple.

There are 3 main basic aspects, what age will be the best age to marry for us. Education is the first aspect to consider it. Low education people will prefer to get married at <> 25 years old. Higher education will encourage people to consider their carrier first before marry someone. They will focus on their job during their young age. The second aspect is financial status. Someone who has rich family or have a good financial status because of his/her good job will be easy to get married because they have the money for supportting their new family. But, they didn’t tend to marry at too young ages because of they also consider their jobs first. It cause people who have good financial status will consider to marry at 16-25 years old. In the other sides, people who have lower financial status will prefer to marry at upper than 25 years old. The last consideration is come from psychology views. Psychology (maturity) will effect the choosing for the best age to marry. Mostly, people like to marry his/her couple at their maturity ages. So they prefer to marry at 16-25 years or more again at > 25 years old. It’s because of maturity will make a good relationship for new couple.

So there is three aspects to consider what age will be the best age for marrying someone. These three main aspects is related each other, so every kind of people who has different background will have their own perception for this issue. I believe it’s not what the best, but what’s the most suitable condition to face these conditions. Every people have their own priority and their assumption for the best age to marry. But I can say, mostly people prefer to marry at 16-25 years old. Because it will acommodate the maturity psychology, financial, and education aspects.

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