Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Project for Charity: Children’s Wish - Bicycles Procurement for Children Below Poverty in East Kalimantan

Please help to promulgate the info :)

Target: Students at MTs DDI Biduk-Biduk, East Kalimantan

How to contribute? We will collect the fund and distribute the bicycles to the students at MTs DDI Biduk- Biduk

Here is the short report (Based on a short interview with the headmaster, teacher and a student named Sidik whose parents work as a fisherman and farmer)

Biduk- Biduk is a remote area in Biduk-Biduk,Berau District, East Kalimantan, Borneo Island.

Major Occupation: Fishermen (Biduk-Biduk is located near the seaside).

In Biduk-biduk, there is one RA and one MI (equal to SD, status TERDAFTAR), MTs which is widely known as DDI (equal to SLTP, status: DISAMAKAN). There is a public transportation (angkot) in this area, round (return) trip will cost Rp 3000/each day. Because of their economic conditions,those children can’t afford the transportation cost. Every student should walk approximately 3 to 5 Kms to reach their school. Based on our estimation, we need to distribute 30 bicycles to cover all of the students in DDI. The bicycles can be used together, the ownership will belong to the school.

How do you contribute: please transfer your contribution (the amount is up to you) at the latest by Dec 31, to Bank BCA 5271105071 a.n. Yola Rosa Bella Harum U, KCP Bina Nusantara. Please send a message to Bella (YLI alumni wave 2) 0857 8089 2010 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0857 8089 2010 end_of_the_skype_highlighting after you have transferred the money and provide following information: full name, wave 1 or wave 2 or non YLI, amount transferred, mobile phone number, and email.

Note: we encourage you to spread this information to your friends and ask them to contribute, there's no restriction that only YLI Alumni who involve in this charity project.

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  1. Terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya kami sampaikan kepada Young Leaders for Indonesia yang telah memberikan perhatian yang besar serta bantuan materil kepada adik-adik kami di kampung.

    Jamal Abdul Jabbar (Alumni MI/MTs.DDI Biduk-Biduk)

  2. Sama-sama Jamal. Salam kenal juga ya. Semoga berguna bagi adik-adik disana :)