Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Vacation Trainee Schlumberger 2009, Internship Program

At Sentra Mulia Building, Office

13-14 July 2009

1. Introduction about Schlumberger and WesternGeco generally

Subject : Schlumberger Orientation

2. QHSE Training (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental)

Subject : QHSE Policy in SLB, get to know QHSE Policy in general in SLB

At Pulogadung, Office and Workshop

15-21 July 2009

1. Subject : Location and Schlumberger Orientation, Get Familiar with the location

2. Subject : Theory of Artificial Lift, Major basic ESP Components

Overview of Artificial Lift Segment

This segment is involved in developing solutions for lifting the fluid to surface when the well cannot flow by itself. AL is mainly comprised of the erstwhile REDA. REDA specializes in ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) The energy which makes a well to produce oil or gas comes from “the drop in pressure” between the reservoir (onshore, offshore, etc) and on the surface where we get the products. Segment artificial lift methods have a specific purpose to add energy to the well, either to accelerate the flow or enable to flow the fluids from reservoir.

3. Subject : Learn KSQR (Key Services Quality Requirement)

KSQR Installation


4. Subject : Get to know Artificial Lift Workshop Area

a. Visit workshop area

b. Set up slings and cables

c. Painting slings

d. Check materials

e. Test ESP- Watcher

At Betung (Palembang), Rig

22 July -5 Aug 2009

Subject :

  1. ESP Operation Activities : Understand Installation ESP Operation Activities and get involved in it. (Wellsite exposure : 3 well)
    1. Installation ESP

i. Go to installation area (for 3 well), Witness and give assistance the installation ESP parts to AL-SLB crew

ii. Preparation ESP unit

iii. Know & understand the purpose of DIFA

iv. Recognizing several instruments (tools and materials) for field services and know the function of those instruments

v. Set up junction box

vi. Use Fluke, Megger, Uniconn

vii. Understand how SLB personnel do their job in the field, and the operation is going on, Consider safety while doing the job

viii. Visit a rig and spend time on the rig floor

ix. etc

b. Staging Area

i. Assembly the instruments inside skid

ii. Make inventory of doghouse

iii. Preparation & clean up the instruments in staging area

c. Witness inTroublesetting

2. Introduction to the Rig, understand the Rig operations

a. Get to know the functional jobs of each member of drilling crew

b. Get to know new terms in rig

c. Spend time on wellsite, rig floor

d. Talk to rig personnel, other service hands and clients

  1. Splicing Activity
    1. Know the purpose of cable splicing
    2. Witness and assist any splicing activities

  1. Review KSQR while Installation ESP unit

6 Aug 2009

  • Finished working at Betung, Palembang
  • Arrived at Jakarta
  • Submitted KSQR assignment

7 Aug 2009

  • Brought presentation in front of Base Manager, FSM, Mentor,Supervisor AL-SLB Pulogadung
  • Submitted report of all my internship learning program for 4 weeks in SLB
  • Discuss my KSQR assignments and my last Vacation Trainee day in Pulogadung with my mentor

8-9 Aug 2009

  • Went home safely

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