Senin, 16 Februari 2009

My Personality (Ivan Hadinata 29/01/1990)

Although you may be rather rough in personality, you are also honest and dedicated man.
You believe that putting maximum effort is the meaning of life.
You think extremely high of efforts.
You dislike laziness, and therefore you will not take on cutting corner work.
You think it is a shame to make complaints, and do not like to give up half way.
So when you face a situation where you can not handle, you tend to get very upset.
You can have a good relationship with people you respect.
But you will be hard on those who shows no responsibility, but because you are generally a charming person, people will like you.
You are big brother type, and have very independent mind.
Your success will be up to how you can cooperate with the others.
You tend to dig deep into one topic, and you wish to become a specialist.
People, who lead life in that direction, tend to achieve great results.
You will be good at being a doctor or an engineer.
Nevertheless you ought to be careful not to become too specialized and concentrate too much in just one field.
You should also look at different area as well.

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