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National Chemical Plant Design Competition XII

Nowadays, the development of chemical industry is identically influenced by ability and creativity of the engineers who always give new ideas so that it can adequate citizen’s needs. Engineers’s ability is of course not obtained instanously, yet it must be created during in college. To increase the abiliy and creativity of chemical engineer candidate, Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia (HIMATEK) ITB cooperating with Chemical Engineer ITB will hold National Chemical Plant Design Competition or “Lomba Rancang Pabrik Tingkat Nasional” (LRPTN). LRPTN is a competition of designing a plant which takes themes related with several actual issues in industries. LRPTN has been held 11 times during 1996-2009.

On 1996, LRPTN is firstly held and it just had one category, it is plant design category. But, since LRPTN IV on 2000, the competition had been categorized into 2 parts, they are plant design category and problem solving. Plant design category is competed with delimitation of main subthemes from LRPTN itself, and problem solving category is competed to facilitate solutive and innovative ideas from university students of solving actual issues which is happened in a certain chemical industry.

Then, LRPTN V which is held on 2001 had 3 categories, they were two kinds of plant design categories and problem solving category. That format is considered to be able to facilitate solutive and innovative ideas from university students so that for the next LRPTN, started from LRPTN VII to LRPTN XI following format of LRPTN V. Many people see LRPTN as an event that gives positive effects for chemical engineering students in Indonesia in developing ability of students themselves to create a plant pra-design. It is shown by the increasing number of participants who join LRPTN every year.

LRPTN is hoped as an event where Indonesian students can develop their creations in the chemical engineering scope. In addition, LRPTN is also hoped to give a actual contribution for national industry developments.

In LRPTN XII, this competition is divided in to 3 categories which is appropriate with the theme of LRPTN XII. Those category A, B, and C are :


LRPTN XII 2011 carry on the theme:


Category A : Utilization of Indonesia Natural Resources as Effort to Increase National Food Endurance.

Category B : Development of Renewable Energy through Utilization of Indonesia Natural Resources as Efforts to Increase National Energy Endurance.

Category C: Problem solving.

In Category C, contestants are hoped to give solutive and innovative ideas for a actual problem which is happened in chemical industry nowadays, by applicating engineering sciences which have been obtained in Chemical Engineering study. The solution of some problems can be process instrument repair, process modification, or process instrument addition in a operation unit.

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